Sunday, August 7, 2011

Not easy (fragments in a notebook)

Watching the world spin round and round.

Feeling like its out of control.

Trying to make it stop or atleast slow it down.

Reaching your hand out but its too far.

Falling on your knees with tears falling from your eyes.

Crying alone...


Wishing things wud change or go back to what they used to be.

Losing someone.

Knowing the only way forward is through it.

Hoping that it wil get better.

Praying for strength.

Wanting to fix it but not knowing where to start.

Wondering why...


Wanting to scream but holding it in.

Remembering better times.

Wanting to speak out.

Afraid of hurting those you love.

Being hurt by those you love.

Knowing its not yours to fix.

Blocking it all out.

Moving on with your life.

Trying not to sink into the sand.

Making it look easy...


Not easy.

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