Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm thinking [Jesus]

I'm thinking Jesus is a poet
He has such a way with words
He IS the word

The word that became flesh
The word that was in the beginning
The word that is spoken to me,
When I describe him, I run out of words

I'm thinking Jesus is a compass
He gives direction and shows me the way
He IS the way

The way I chose to model my life
The way to my salvation
The way and the door to the Father,
To describe Him,I run out of ways

I'm thinking Jesus is the answer
The answer to all of life's questions
See, the other ones are false but HE is true
He IS the truth

The truth that through Him, I am righteous
The truth that breaks the chains that binds us
The truth that he died on the cross for us
All lies in my life are nullified, for I now know the truth

Im thinking Jesus is the one
The one who came, showed us love so that we may have life
He IS the life

The life that I came into when God's breath met dust
The life of abundance that became available when he came for us
The life that we are graced with when we accept the cross
The life that we can now live, full of love!

I'm thinking the words: way, truth and life(along with other words) can all be replaced with one word...THE Word