Sunday, July 22, 2012

That night

Day 3 of my Bday month in the year that I turned 22. I was invited to worship evening,so I invited 2. Most of that day was routine that I can't really recall. Excitement and expectancy filled my lungs as I walked in. I yearned for an encounter with God, once again. That night when I screamed for Jesus until I couldn't breathe anymore, I realized what it meant to give God His breath back. I stopped focusing on my troubles and what I lack. I ran towards Him and leaped into His arms. He caught me. In that moment I knew I was safe. I felt secure. I was loved. I was cared for. I was home.

Something happens...

I hear it. I feel it. It's more than just a song. Everything inside me knows there is so much more to it than the sound of the guitar or the arrangement of the notes. Something happens in the spiritual realm that my human brain cannot begin to understand or fully comprehend. My spirit and His Spirit sing to each other. A song that leaves me breathless. A cry comes from deep within and my heart is soothed. Burden falls from my shoulders and my feet start tapping a rhythm of joy. It's like water quenching my deepest thirst. He and I connect. In that moment, I know I am His. I know that He holds me in His arms. I feel His touch,His love...and I can't help but dance!