Sunday, August 28, 2011

Its love, not condemnation

Often I stop myself from saying things because i dont want to come across as being judgemental. I dont want to be because I dont know what the person has been through, their current situation or why they choose to make a certain decision. I havent 'walked a mile in their shoes' so who am i to judge their decision making?

But then i ask myself, if you love people are you not the prone to want to help them? If someone is lost and you know the way, dont you show it to them? If a man is blind and they need to cross the street, dont you lend them your eyes?

I came across an article on the internet that gave me more clarity and relief. Greg Laurie wrote about how christians are always being told by others that scripture says "Do not judge" he corrects this by saying that we are actually being told not to condemn.

Judgement(in the form of advice) and condemnation are two different things. When the pharisees brought the prostitute woman to Jesus wanting him to order her death, he said "Let he who has no sin, cast the first stone" and then when no one cast a stone he said to her "Does no one condemn you? Neither do i" but he doesnt stop there, he then also says "Go and sin no more."

The pharisee's wanted to condemn the woman and make her feel like she is a dirty,useless and deserves death. Jesus gave her an opportunity for a better life, a life where she chooses a different path than the one she has been on. From where im standing, that is not a bad thing.

Yes, I understand that not forcing your opinions/views on another is part of loving people. But love also compels me to speak up and tell you the oven is hot, before you put your hand in it. It compels me to tell you to 'turn right' if i know that turning left will lead you to a dead end.

Now i'm not a know-it-all or a perfect person(who is?). I just feel that correction which stems from love is vital. If I blindly go about things without perspective, I want those who love me to let me know BEFORE I get hurt. As much as love comforts the brokenhearted ,it also protects! So, yes out of love, I will tell my friend "I don't think thats a good idea"

Monday, August 8, 2011

Love is a revolution (a piece inspired by insomnia:))

Love is a revolution. Heard this in a song and it got me thinking. When i think of a revolution, I think of people fighting for justice and change. I think of the french revolution, where the people were tired of being ruled by the monarchy. They wanted a better life for themselves and for those around them. For this reason they took action and made a change.

People always say love is a feeling and then they fail to describe it. Shakespear wrote an amazing sonnet, on what love is. "It is an everfixed mark which looks upon tempest and is never shaken" he says. To me this shows the fighting spirit of love. By 'fighting', i dont mean violence but persistence, resistance and perseverence.

The world has many views and opinions about what love is, what it looks like and what it does. People have their different experiences and definitions of love. All i know is that we all need it. Alot of what we do everyday, mostly without realising it, stems from our desire and need to be loved and accepted. The only difference is the answer to the question - Who do we desire this acceptance from?

Now back to the title, it seems that Switchfoot is saying love not just something you feel, it calls for action which leads to a change. This sounds like a revolution to me.

Often Ive heard that the love of God changes you. I, personally, have found this to be true. The amount of growth Ive had in my life (and the process is on-going) is incredible. When you encounter the love of God, it stirrs something in you that makes you want to be a better person.

Love is supposed to make you want to dig deep and find the better version of yourself. Its supposed to then be what drives you to make a change in both your own life and the lives of everyone around you. Those who bring love into your life are to challenge you, in a way that motivates you to rise up and make a difference.

I find it incredible how much Our Father loves. God's love is an incredible thing, we just need to encounter it, embrace it and let it change us.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

If only

If only I could be in two places at once.
If only i had the power 2 dry ur tears.
If only i could heal your pain... I would.

If only I could protect u, If only I could keep u safe.
If only I could put a smile, not on ur face but on ur heart...I would.

If only i had enough strength for the both of us, I would let u lean on me.
If only I knew the right path, i would steer u to it.
If only i werent so far..

Not easy (fragments in a notebook)

Watching the world spin round and round.

Feeling like its out of control.

Trying to make it stop or atleast slow it down.

Reaching your hand out but its too far.

Falling on your knees with tears falling from your eyes.

Crying alone...


Wishing things wud change or go back to what they used to be.

Losing someone.

Knowing the only way forward is through it.

Hoping that it wil get better.

Praying for strength.

Wanting to fix it but not knowing where to start.

Wondering why...


Wanting to scream but holding it in.

Remembering better times.

Wanting to speak out.

Afraid of hurting those you love.

Being hurt by those you love.

Knowing its not yours to fix.

Blocking it all out.

Moving on with your life.

Trying not to sink into the sand.

Making it look easy...


Not easy.

Whispers in a notebook

Whispers echoe in the wind...

a voice i once knew.

It is now a language i dont understand.

I look around wondering if its talking to me.

The eyes that once look at me, now seem to look through.

Streets that i used to own, now foreign territory...

Untitled, name it

The mirror...friend?enemy?

a reflection of who i am.

a reflection of who im not.

Not of this world so i wont cling to it.

It is but flesh, im not defined by it.

Identity in Christ, i will claim it.

Condemnation not in His heart, i wont promote it.

Devil tellin lies, i wont believe it.

Tryin to claim my soul, he cant afford it.

Belonging to The Most High, i take pride in it.

Living for His name, i declare it.

Joy rising in my heart, i express it.

Lord and Saviour of my life,i confess it.

Made in His devine image, i embrace it.

So Mirror on the wall, u will accept it

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