Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I blog what I like.

While signing up for this a thought came to mind. Why do I want to blog? Are blogs the new age dear diary where you write things, hoping for some form of release? Do you pour your heart out on the internet with the hopes that maybe someone will read it and you will gain instant fame? I'd like that but thats not why Im here. Do I care if anyone ever reads this? Not really. What I'm trying to say is, its not about the reader, its about the writer, how she sees the world and perceives situations. We all keep a fraction of ourselves in our minds, where no one can hear us. In our heads no one can "correct" us, condemn us or judge us. In my head thoughts are like smarties being shot from the sky at the speed of light. Too many colours, too fast and very random. My blog wiil be the place where I can structure my thoughts. So if you do read this, know that you are in my mind and you cant judge me here.

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